Meet the Creative: Vicki Mellard - Personal Trainer


“Find your balance, feel confident, and get strong.”

Life can often feel like a carefully curated balancing act, with commitments pulling us in every direction. As we seek to juggle our careers, whilst holding down a respectable social life, planning trips to see friends and family that we haven’t seen in forever, catching up on Love Island, and getting those recommended eight hours of sleep, how on earth are we expected to find time in all of that to hit the gym and feel confident in our skin.

The pressure to do it all, to tick every box, to attend every spin class, can often leave us feeling frazzled and guilty. Berating ourselves for not looking and feeling a certain way, desperate for the scales to deliver some good news; this is becoming the norm.

Vicki Mellard, is a personal trainer on a mission to remove the guilt surrounding exercise and wellbeing, to make women feel confident and strong, by striping it all back and working towards a lifestyle that nourishes the mind and soul, so we can stop chasing unrealistic ideals.

Vicki, who will be joining us at Float Festival in September, feels that the wellness industry has become overly complicated and unattainable and like us, she wants to reset what it means to be healthy and well. Absolving her clients of guilt and shame, sharing her top tips and practical fitness advice, Vicki will be a great addition to Float. We caught up with her to find out how she keeps motivated, how fitness and wellness are symbiotic, and where you’ll find her when she's not at the gym..*spoiler* she’s a women after our own hearts.

What is your company, what do you do and what makes in special?

 I run a a personal training business as well as being a fitness & lifestyle blogger. I help women feel better about themselves through healthier ways, finding a confidence in their bodies not punishing them. I am not a typical personal trainer, I don’t believe in quick fixes or fad diets so transformations are not my thing. Which is what I think makes what it a bit special which is a shame because it shouldn’t be.

 Why did you want to be a part of Float?

I too believe that the wellness industry became a bit too complicated and almost unattainable for some.  It shouldn’t be, so if I can be a part of something that can help that then I’m all for it.

Can you sum up your company in one sentence?

Empowering women to feel confident in their bodies and themselves through fitness, health and living.

What comes to mind when you hear the word wellness?

Looking after your body and mind in a way that is healthy for you. It doesn’t need to fit a certain look and style, just what works for you.

How does your work encompass wellness?

I want to help women work on themselves and become more in tune with their bodies. So we work together to find this.

 In your opinion, what role does wellness play in fitness and training? 

From personal experience fitness and training becomes a lot easier when you take away the need to look a certain way and focus on what your body can do. This is what I believe wellness to be within the fitness industry.

In your work, what tools do you give women to feel body confident and happy in their own skin?

I have created a Feel Confident workbook that all my clients get which is a 6 week programme giving them task to help them feel more confident. We also focus on what our bodies can do not what it looks like which is what the sessions are around and I’m also there to chat to about it all.

Did you always want to be a personal trainer?

 No, I actually wanted to be a dancer but from that I discovered my love for fitness and training. It also made me want to help other women from not falling into the same traps I did.

What about your work gives you the most joy?

When my ladies realise how incredible they are and find a love for themselves and fitness without it all getting intense and overpowering.

 What would you like attendees to get from your session?

To discover fitness can be fun and see how incredible our bodies are.

What does success look like to you?

Doing something you love everyday and being happy.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

My clients and the fact I am doing something I am proud of. 

How do you find the motivation to work-out?

Most of the time I don’t really need to because I actually enjoy it and it is my job. However that can also make it hard so when I’m feeling less motivated I think about how I feel about after I train and the endorphins it releases.

Ultimate dinner guest? 

Can I pick a few? Carly Rowena. Mel Wells.

 Where can we find you at the weekend?

My weekends tend to be quite chilled so maybe a morning workout, brunch, spending time with friends and family, sipping prosecco. 

What are you reading/watching listening to right now?

Currently reading Hungry For More by Mel Wells and listening to 2 podcasts – Put Yourself First, Kat Horrocks and The Health Code Sarahs Day.

What would be your dream job?

I’m pretty much there to be honest but the ultimate dream is in 3 sections: 1, personal training pre and post natal ladies mobile in their homes 2, Running workshops helping women fall in love with fitness and themselves and 3, creating content that everyone can enjoy to become body confident.

Fancy coming down to Float? Grab your tickets here.

Jenna Campbell