Meet the Creative: Bridget Leonard - Author - This is for the Dreamers

There are certain points in life when our desire for change - be that in our relationships, our careers, or in our quest for inner peace and calm, stops us in our tracks, leaving us caught between a rock and a hard place, as we seek to shake-up the parts of our life that define us. Making sense of these thoughts and feelings and translating our aspirations into actions can be quite the challenge, sometimes requiring help from those who can see the wood for the trees. Bridget Leonard, is exactly the person you need on hand when assessing what lies before you, the author of ‘This is for the Dreamers’ and self-improvement coach, her philosophy focuses on her belief that each of us holds the power to live the lives we dream of regardless of our current circumstances. Her book empowers readers to navigate through life to feel happier and more fulfilled, she’ll be joining us a Float to deliver excerpts from her book, helping to empower Float goers to connect with themselves and their potential.

What do you do and what makes in special?

I'm an author and a major life enthusiast. I'm an NLP qualified coach and a Marketing Manager. I spend my time encouraging and coaching people to define exactly what it is they want & cheerlead them to go for it!

In my work I am very clear that I am helping people to navigate back to themselves - I want to help people to realise the infinite potential they have within them.

What made you be a part of Float?

I am SO excited we have a wellness festival in the North West. I am excited to grow my connections with other people promoting happier, healthier lives and to get to be a part of the line up is something I feel super proud of.

Can you describe yourself in three words?

High energy enthusiasm!

Do you have a life mantra that you live by?

I try to ask myself most days - what are you capable of? I think we only scratch the surface of  our potential and I'm intrigued by what we could all achieve if we started to believe in our infinite potential!

What does the word wellness mean to you?

I think floats definition is brilliant. Life can feel so pressured and demanding in our ever changing world - the idea of floating feels like peace and calm. For me wellness is choice. Saying I get to choose what is best for me at any moment & deciding to do that. That can be eating a burger some days, but knowing if I do that for every meal I feel crap. I'm really into meditating at the minute. I try to give myself 5 -10 minutes in the morning and it feels like such a special time where nothing at all matters apart from me focusing on relaxing my busy busy mind. So for me - wellness is choice.

How do you think the wellness industry has evolved over the last few years?

I think its growth is super interesting. It's wonderful to see and hear so many people sharing their experiences of how wellness has benefited their lives. I think we need to be careful  with our messaging that we promote individual approaches to wellness. I don't think there's a one size fits all approach and so the people we're communicating with should be empowered to find their own solutions to making their own well being a priority.

How does your work help others to feel well?

I would love to help people realise all they need to do is to listen to themselves and they'll find the answers to all they seek. I think my work encourages people to choose to listen to their own inner guidance and not outside forces which so often are selling unhappiness.

What is about your work that gives it the feel good factor?

The way I deliver it - I can't help but get excited!! I'm naturally full of energy so I think that can help people to feel great. I really believe in people too. I think I'm able to find something magic in everyone, and it shocks me how often people have forgotten just how special they are. Helping people to remember that & pointing out to them all the ways they're thriving (especially when they forget) definitely helps people to feel great!

What is the best advice you have ever received?

How good are you willing to allow your life to be? I challenge myself with this often - because it's only the limits I accept that stop my life from being everything I dream of!

What is happiness to you?

Happiness is allowing myself to be myself. It's being kind and fun and ensuring everyone I come into contact with knows they have space to be freely themselves and that they will be loved for it.

Where do you feel well and content?

Camping! You don't need anything - and realise just how magnificent the earth is!

And swimming fully submerged in the sea. I feel free. The sea off Hvar Croatia is my favourite!

If you were stuck on a desert island, what one thing could you not live without?

Music. And I'd take a Northern Soul album so I could dance every day.

What are you reading/listening/watching right now?

I love - Anatomy of the Spirit by Caroline Myss & Be More Pirate by Sam Conniff Allende. Both books have impacted me in a big way & I can't recommend enough! I love Lewis Howes podcast - School of Greatness - his interview with Mel Robbins helped me to understand my relationship with anxious feelings in a whole new way. Also I really like Abraham Hick's teachings about focusing only on what you DO want & enjoying feeling good now!

Any pearls of wellness wisdom you can share with us?

Take time for YOU! Every single day. It can be five minutes - but it is your day, are you treating it that way? And figure out what you really want. In every part of your life. It's the quickest, easiest route to a happy, content, fulfilled, well, life.

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Jenna Campbell