Meet The Trader: Supernova Living

Introducing Supernova, a lifestyle brand with advanced vegan protein powders at its core. Put simply, Supernova protein is made up of powerful plants that can elevate your mind and body. Enabling you to be the very best version of yourself in a natural way, Supernova protein is made from organic plant proteins and adaptogens. Superfoods with superpowers not synthetics. Products without the unnecessary addition of chemicals, which the body cannot recognize and use effectively. The brainchild of Co-Founders Laura, and Professional Footballer Jermaine Beckford, this family run business is positioning itself as a truly credible alternative to market leaders, standing apart from the rest, they only use natural products, no nasties, and source their ingredients in an ethical and sustainable way. You'll be able to purchase Supernova at Float and we thought it would be good to get to know the brand a little further. We spoke to Co-founder Laura to find out more about the brand, her favourite products and what makes Supernova unique.

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What is your company, what do you do, and what makes is special?

We started Supernova Living three months ago, it’s a lifestyle brand and we’ve launched with three advanced vegan protein powders as our first products. They have been in development for over a year working with a Naturopathic Nutritionist and Jermaine Beckford, my husband who’s also a professional footballer. Having previously played for Everton, Leicester and Leeds, his body works to the limits every day and knows what is needed to supplement a body to get the very best results. As husband and wife founders with a young family we have a different perspective to most who own protein powder companies and have developed them for people like us, super busy and in need an energy hit, immune booster, beauty powder, quick breakfast or afternoon snack as well as a pre/post workout supplement.

We feel there are a lot of aspects that set us apart. We have three products one developed specifically for women, another for men and one NAKED 00 powder which has no sweeteners or ‘flavour’ which allows people to be creative and add it to smoothies, pancakes, waffles, porridge and baking. We’re the first protein powder to included a significant amount of premium organic adaptogens, medicinal mushrooms and pre-biotics. Some may add a little maca but none have wild chaga, ashwagandha, red, black and yellow maca, cordyceps, schisandra berries, camu camu berries, agave inulin, psyllium husk and aloe vera! All our products have also been cleared by LGC, for banned substances allowing professional athletes to take them with confidence.

We currently have 98% recyclable packaging and working towards 100%. We haven’t included the plastic scoop like most protein powders and instead offer a beautiful hand carved coconut wood scoop. Our boxes aren’t intimidating big plastic tubs with the perfect six pack on them but recyclable cardboard tubes which you’d be proud to have on your worktop.

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Why did you want to partner with Float?

As a new business, we’re keen to make connections and let everyone know about Supernova Proteins and loved the idea of a wellness festival in the north. We love the concept, ethos and can’t wait to meet like minded people.

How is Supernova Protein different from other protein goods on the market?

We haven’t compromised and have been extremely diligent and conscientious in sourcing every single ingredient from every corner of the earth to ensure it’s the very best without being heavily processed and without the additional use of chemicals. We’ve also added organic adaptogens, medicinal mushrooms, immune boosting superfoods and prebiotics to look at the body as a whole as we need so much more than protein if we workout or not! The products are also approved by LGC so they’re suitable for professional athletes. We wanted to develop a high end ‘protein powder’ that’s not just protein and suitable for those who ‘don't take protein!!’ With recyclable unisex packaging with no artificial or natural flavourings, no preservatives, colours, artificial sweeteners, gums or fillers. This is so rare in protein powders and there isn’t one like this apart from ours that also includes organic adaptogens!

What is the ethos of Supernova?

We developed the brand because we wanted to encourage people to live a life without limitations and in balance. So many people have said to us, you’re always so happy, you’re always full of energy, you’re always so positive! I’m not by the way (!) but we do eat well, a predominantly vegan diet, healthy lifestyle and we do try to have a positive mindset and we believe it brings positivity to us. I have previously had such low energy, especially having two babies in two years and trying to run another business which I’ve had for 12 years. I’ve also always suffered with digestive problems and it has previously stopped me doing what I wanted which was very frustrating.

I hate being limited and restricted. I know some may only see it as a protein powder but it’s given my husband and I a new lease of life. Afternoon energy boosts to give attention and quality time to our children instead of a grumpy afternoon slump. No bloating or stomach ache which is a revelation for me. There wouldn’t be a day go by where I didn’t have to undo my top buttons or lay on the floor in pain and look 6 months pregnant. No more cold sores! Literally since taking it I haven’t had one-touch wood. So I know my immunity is better. We basically want everyone to be the very best version they can be, if they’re feeling fantastic they can live their passions and be in balance which I believe ultimately be can lead to happiness. Isn’t that the ultimate goal?


Having spoken about your own experience as a mother, juggling a family and business - how has Supernova helped you personally?

The powder has helped me and Jermaine personally so much but also as a family too. We didn’t intend on developing the WOMAN 01 powder until next year but as we were working on blends, I was trialing it and feeling so much better. Much more energy, better moods, sleeping better, more balanced, happier, no bloating, no colds and everyone noticed. So much so they were asking to test it too and loved the way it made them feel.

The feedback we have received it unbelievable. ‘A wonder powder”, “it’s cleared my eczema”, “my anxiety has gone whilst taking the powder." It’s insane for even us to hear that a powder can do that! I think every woman I know is too busy, juggling dozens of things at once and it can be really difficult to balance. Adaptogens are non toxic plants that keep your body and mind in balance. Who wouldn’t want that!!? That’s why we’ve developed specific powders for men and women as hormonally we are different and with the market research we did, men and women wanted different things.

Personally it is my ‘magic rocket fuel’, I have never taken a protein powder before in my life. I don’t workout that much but I do need more energy, better immunity, a ton of antioxidants and a mini gut cleanse every day! Plus I love chocolate so to have raw Peruvian cacao as a health drink is dreamy! For Jermaine it’s really helped his training. The catalyst for starting the brand was because he kept getting injured and stomach problems as he was given protein powders with such awful fillers, gums, preservatives, sweeteners, sugars, colours, artificial flavours. His statistics in the club since being on Supernova have been the best ever, best in the club, even being one of the oldest! He’s happier, more energised and results speak for themselves.

How do you find balance in life?

I’ll let you know when I do!! I don’t think balance is something you find and then you’re done. It’s a continuous, ever changing journey. Once we think we have it all figured out and give ourselves a pat on the back, something pops up to test us again. It’s life. So I strive to be mindful. Live in the moment. Being present in every situation so I can fully enjoy and appreciate it. It’s not easy and I rarely achieve it but it is my intention! As I own and run two businesses it’s nearly impossible to get the perfect balance but I ensure I make time for the children.

I could literally work 24 hours a day, as I love it and there’s so much to do but again I think to be happy our lives need to be in balance and we need to prioritise all the things that are important to us. Family time, partner time, business time and the one that gets neglected the most is me time. I also try to write different activities in my diary in different colours, eg: red for work meetings, pink for kids stuff, so it’s easy to see how ‘balanced’ your week is looking from the outset. 

What is wellness to you?

It’s such a funny word that’s thrown around now isn’t it, including by us! Wellness to me is being present and prioritising being in a positive state, mentally, physically, emotionally. Having my life in as much balance and doing the best I can at that time. Looking after myself and family whether that is by body brushing, making green juices, going to beach, being barefoot or just allowing myself time to get in the far infrared sauna or have an Epsom salts bath! If I’m in a good place then I have much more to give to others, my husband, children, family and friends.

How does Supernova make people feel well and happy?

It’s such a pure product with organic plants and specifically adaptogens which have been proven to reduce anxiety. These plants keep the body in balance and help us deal with stressors in life. They’re incredible and have been used for hundreds of years in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. Maca balances hormones, I know I feel much happier at certain times of the month when my hormones are in balance!! Ashwagandha calms the body in stress. Camu camu contains 56 times more vitamins C than an orange to aid immunity and prevent us from getting ill. Plus it’s high in raw Peruvian cacao, all the taste of chocolate yet all the benefits of the superfood. I feel very happy if I get to drink chocolate everyday!!

Do you have a favourite product?

It changes everyday! It was the WOMAN 01 powder as it has a touch of organic guarana in it and seriously energised me in the morning but we’ve recently sold out so I’ve been making smoothies with the NAKED 00 with berries and yogurt which is such a nice change and when I want a chocolate hit I’ve been having the MAN 02 which is a little less sweet that the WOMAN 01 but still so good with coconut milk or rice milk!!

What would you say to people that are skeptical about using protein powders?

I would say open your mind and educate yourself on adaptogens and what protein is actually needed for in the body. Pretty much everything! How do you feel? Energised? Feeling full till lunch? In balance? Constantly getting ill?

I had never had a protein powder until we developed them! Jermaine was obviously an expert in them which helped! We’re trying to change the perspective of protein powders with the branding and also the unique ingredients. Spas are loving the products as they can see the massive amounts of antioxidants in the ingredients which reduce free radicals, can help to reduce ageing, fine lines and wrinkles and skin. Ours are very different with a natural flavour instead of fake synthetic flavours and a smooth feel without the gums.

How would you recommend incorporating in Supernova protein?

Supernova Proteins are really versatile and our customers vary dramatically. From professional athletes using them every day after a workout to ensure they’re replenishing muscles with 20 grams of plant based proteins to busy mums like me who need a quick school run ‘breakfast’ before work, or an office worker who wants an afternoon pick me up before they head to a class; the WOMAN 01 and MAN 02 are designed for busy lives. Simply blend with milk, preferably plant based milk and drink! You can add fruit but they taste great just with milk. The NAKED 00 is designed to be versatile so it’s great added to a smoothie, pancakes, porridge, overnight oats, waffle mix, baking. You only need a little to provide a great vitamin and mineral supplementation.

Daisy Barnes