Meet the Creative: Sian Ediss - Studio MOMU

“A strong woman looks a challenge in the eye and gives it a wink.”

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Studio MOMU is an adventure into contemporary jewellery design by Manchester-based visual artist, Sian Ediss. Influenced by art, music, people and film, with a nod to nostalgia, Sian’s designs seamlessly capture styles and concepts of bygone years, while also showcasing her modern flare. Hosting her own workshop at Float, she will teach beginners the basics of jewellery design and assembly, we caught up with Sian to find out why she’s excited for Float, what her favourite pieces are from the latest collection, and what makes her nostalgic.

What is your company, what do you do, and what makes is special?

Studio MOMU creates striking structural pieces for the body with a focus on shape, form and colour. Each piece is influenced by art, music, people and film of bygone years. The colours, the textures, the vibe - each collection aims to capture that moment in time.

Each colour palette is dreamt up with a theme in mind. The launch collection 'Ipanema' plays with blush pink, celestial greys, palmy green and jet black to capture the hazy, sun-drenched 60s Ipanema beach scene.

Individual pieces within a collection are fronted by a dreamy lineup of icons who would shine in this space in time. Every unique piece is hand-sculpted using polymer clay then baked, buffed and finished with gold or silver-plated findings to create distinctive designs that let your originality shine.

No two are the same, that's the magic of MOMU.

Why did you want to partner with Float?

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Creativity is my self-care and I want to share this with the community at Float. In a whirlwind world, I want to show people how to reclaim their time and to explore their imagination through the medium of colour and clay. Everybody deserves time for personal solace and Float well and truly champions this - this is a tribe I want to be a part of.

Do you live by any particular mantra?

“A strong woman looks a challenge in the eye and gives it a wink.”

What is wellness to you?

Investing time to care for yourself and those around you.

What habits or rituals do you have to make you feel happy and well?

Eggs and soldiers on a Saturday morning. Listening to Podcasts in the bath. Pottering in the garden. Snuggling up with my partner watching films. Good food and good company. Silly conversations on Whatsapp with my friends. Days on end creating. There’s so many tiny moments that accumulate to a sense of happiness.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

Art, music, film and people of bygone years. I’ve always been a retrospective soul even as a child. Looking back at pockets of time and imagining what it would have felt like to be part of that. Music and film are triggers for my daydreams. I conjure up colour palettes in my mind and then capture this in a moodboard. This is the starting point for every collection and I carry the aesthetic through to my final pieces. I want my work to tell a story and connect with people.

Your designs are about celebrating nostalgia, what are you nostalgic for?

I’m nostalgic for simpler times. Nostalgia has been recognised as a powerful tool in the battle against anxiety and depression - it’s reflective or restorative. I find history fascinating and I immerse myself in content to continually learn and shape my thoughts. At its simplest, it’s escapism, it’s dwelling in daydreams, but it can also help to improve your outlook on today and tomorrow. You have to look back to move forward.

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Do you have a favourite piece?

My favourite collection so far has been “Hotel California”.

This collection pays homage to the Eagles’ song and infamous Californian hotel. Warm winds carrying the smell of colitas and a rich, dusky backdrop, this collection includes coppers, burnt orange and taupes which capture the creative mid-century vibe of this desert oasis. The ‘Pfeiffer’ set in this collection is my favourite, if it doesn’t sell on my Tictail shop soon, I may have to gift them to myself! That’s self-care, right?!

Where can we find you at the weekend?

I’ll be hosting a workshop at Float called “Whimsical Clay Creations” (Sat 22nd, 12pm-2pm). I’ll be taking people through the creative process from moodboarding, colour palette selecting and the process behind building polymer clay earring creations. I encourage everyone to think about a space in time they want to capture before coming along, then we’ll head on a journey together to capture it!






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