Meet the Creative: Stuart Sandeman - Breathpod

Harness the power of your breath for better health and wellbeing. Stuart Sandeman is a Judo Black belt, Breath Facilitator and Peak Performance Coach, who has worked with individuals and brands to help them reach their full potential, delivering workshops all across the world for the likes of Google, Nike, Fulham FC and Virgin. He is quite the jetsetter, having travelled the world as an international Dj, so you can be sure that his workshop at Float will be accompanied by the perfect soundtrack.

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Breathe connects us all, and Stuart can help you optimise your physical, mental and emotional health with with one of the world’s leading techniques for personal healing and change. Stuart’s “Breathe and Let Go” workshop at Float will introduce conscious, connected breathing as a tool to increase performance, productivity, focus, strength and alleviate stress, anxiety and depression. Like a supercharged meditation hack this will energise, detoxify and release any emotional repression you may feel so that you feel light, happy and healthy. If this sounds like a bit of you, or you’re just wanting to jump start those energy levels with a dose of Breathpod, then Stuart’s class is just what you need. Ahead of Float we caught up with him to find out why breathing properly is intrinsically linked to our emotional wellbeing, the decision to create Breathpod and why as humans we so often forget to breath.

What do you do and what makes it special?

I am a breath coach. I teach individuals, groups and businesses to harness the power of their breathing mechanism for better health and wellbeing. Sessions are incredibly special as they not only optimise physical health, but they integrate emotional charge held in our cells. Once you clear through any physical blocks in the breath and balance the emotional charge stored in the body, the breath connects you to a higher state of consciousness and awareness. Its a proper game changer, kinda like a super charged mediation hack.

How did you come to establish Breathpod?

It established quite organically. Before Breathpod I was travelling the world as an international Dj and producer, enjoying a hedonistic lifestyle until a life defining moment struck- my girlfriend was diagnosed with a terminal cancer. When she passed, I found solace in a deep conscious breath work practice called Transformational breath. I discovered that by following this connected pattern of breathing, the stress and anxiety lifted, energy levels increased and the emotional trauma of grief and hurt faded. Amazed by my personal shift, and the power of breathwork, I trained in a number of breath modalities and set up Breathpod to help others flourish.

Can you explain the ethos behind your work?

The ethos behind my work is to usher a new generation of human performance and consciousness. On a micro level I want to help people reconnect to themselves and the world around us, to make more conscious decisions. On a macro level my ethos is to help all life and our planet prosper.

What made you be a part of Float?

The team at float connected. I loved their vibe and felt like Breathpod would really compliment the offerings at the festival.

What is reclaiming your breath about?

I guess if someone is talking about reclaiming your breath, it’s about recalibrating your breath pattern, so that you are using the breath in a more efficient manner not only physically, but moving through the mental or emotional reasons that our breath may have closed down. Breathwork is self empowering healing tool, so reclaiming your breath is really about accessing your true potential.

It may sound odd, but why do so many of us forget to breathe?

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Its not odd at all. Naturally, as humans, we hold our breath to protect ourselves from being overwhelmed by our feelings and emotions. It's a bad habit we learn as we grow up and realise we live in a world where feeling fully in the moment isn’t always appropriate. Holding the breath stops the cycle of energy in motion (E-MOTION) posing through our body. So its a subconscious way our brain tries to protect us from feeling. As this process becomes habitual, we lose the ability to breathe deeply and fully. When we limit the effectiveness of our breathing process this can show up as physical illness, fatigue, and can trigger stress, anxiety and depression.

What does breath mean to you when broken down?

Going to give you an anagram… Balance, Reset, Energise, Activate, Transform, Heal. 

Can you describe yourself in three words?

grounded, energetic and … hmmmmm

What comes to mind when you hear the word wellness?

I think there is a bit of a stigma attached to the word wellness. Personally the word tends to make me thing of cheesy annoying yoga Instagram poses.

What do you think are some of the biggest challenges facing the 'wellness' industry right now?

Social media has opened up a platform for narcissistic behavior in the wellness industry.

People get image obsessed, we are not always looking at the full wellness picture that includes mental and emotional health. People seem to be suffering on the inside more than ever!

Do you think 'wellness' as an idea can be misinterpreted, if so why?

Yes, the word is overused. Everyone seems to be offering some sort of wellness offering.

What is about your work that gives it the feel good factor?

It’s a self empowering tool, under your nose that you can take with you everywhere! Its super simple and incredibly effective. Shifting things to make you feel light, energised and in flow.

Where can we find you at the weekend?

I’ll be running a workshop at Float 5pm in the ‘Restore’ space , perfect way to round off the day of awesome workshops :)

I will also be involved in the Big Boys do Cry panel discussion at 2pm in the inspire space. 

You can grab your tickets for Float Festival here

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