Meet the Trader: Sasha Miljus - Founder Love.Life.Magic

27 countries visited, 25,000 thousand miles travelled, 10 misadventures, 5 countries lived in, Sasha Miljus, founder of Love.Life.Magic is leading the way in shifting mindsets to create a fully-fledged movement - promoting self-love, self-dedication and commitment through a membership program that helps people to heal inside out. Sasha will be joining us a in the goodness market, where you will be able learn more about her courses, which includes coaching and yoga sessions; providing the means by which to take control of your life and bring you back to yourself. We caught up with Sasha to learn more about the woman behind the brand, what her bespoke courses for self-love entail and what she’s most excited about at Float.

What is your company/business, what do you do, and what makes it special?

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 Love. Life. Magic is a mind set and movement. Taking ancient yogic philosophy and practices bringing it into a modern day mind set. Love. Life. Magic wishes to make self-love, self-dedication and commitment approachable, achievable and accessible to all. Making asana, meditation and breathing practices fun and within reach.  Love. Life. Magic is a membership program helping you heal yourself from the inside out. You can spend so much time trying to fulfill yourself from the external body, however is this ever lasting? Love. Life. Magic provides the tools to bring you back to yourself, back to your soul and back home.

Love. Life. Magic works on 2 separate platforms. The first at home, creating your own Safe Space. This is one on one sessions or more intimate classes where you can truly feel at comfort and at ease to open up, alternatively online workshops, courses and guided programs for you to complete in your own time. A huge part of Love. Life. Magic at home is the “Flip The Switch” program, this is a 12 week back to your best self program. Tackling the mind, body and soul the 12 week program gives you the tools and daily tasks to heal the internal and external body. Together, by providing you with the opportunity to take the steps today for a happy tomorrow, we can be the change we wish to see in the world.

The second element is, Love. Life. Magic at work. You spend so much for your time working, your first place is your home, second place is your work and third place is your social place. Yet as time goes on, industries become ever more a lifestyle position. Can you begin to bridge the “work” “life” gap and create a second and third place together as an employee or employer.  Working with corporate environments and industries, I offer in house Yoga Teaching, being that step towards continued self development in the workplace. Allowing the business to offer the added company benefit to their employees actively working to tackle mental health, stress, mindfulness and over all happiness. I offer 2, 6 week courses both using ancient yogic philosophy to tackle the modern day battles that we face. Floss The Mind, is a meditation based course and Choose Your Breaths is a breathing course. There is more information on my website.

I strongly believe that together we can make a difference and most importantly as with everything in this life, that change starts with you.

 Why did you want to partner with Float?

 If I’m honest, which I am. I am a sucker for a quote, I often find myself saying:

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“Don’t compare and don’t compete. Life isn’t built on a model of win or be beat”

With that being said I was instantly drawn to… “In a world of sink or swim, let us be your float.” In this life accepting support isn’t a weakness. I feel there is a huge amount of courage that comes from stepping into the darkness and finding your way through to the other side. Joining forces and working with a tribe and community of like minded people is how we come together and make that change a reality . Collaborating with Float is exactly that and a knowing that together we can be stronger.

 What is the ethos behind your work?

Is starts with you.  

Understanding why we do what we do, who we are and identifying who we want to become is life’s on going pursuit and question. Being consciously aware that we made the best, most informed decision at that time, we are always either winning or learning. Everything leading us to our present moment and current circumstance, is of course important. It shapes who we are today.

Connecting the dots of realisations that our journey has taught us this far. This truly makes us who we are.


Everything from all of our past experiences up until NOW, placing us in this world. Identifying a sense of self and significant purpose. The permission to be unforgivably, undeniably, authentic YOU. Where you are heading, the direction in which you are facing, your reactions to all actions will shape who you become.

 Your perspective is where you are coming from, it effected the lens in which you see the world and the filter in which you hear the world. This is where we are all coming from, and the world that presents itself around you starts with YOU. Shift your perspective and shift your universe.

 What does wellness mean to you? 

There are so many varied definitions of the word “wellness” which is so fitting as there is no two human beings the same.

For me, wellness means, taking the time to listen to yourself and listen to your soul. Completing all our actions with consistency and excellence with intention for a better you. That might be exercise, reading, creating, writing, eating or simply sitting in silence. What ever is your outlet, wellness is finding it, listening to it and taking the time for it.

How does your work/products encompass health and wellness?

Everything about Love. Life. Magic is health and wellness. The problem a lot of people face when it comes to mental health and wellbeing is knowing what the first steps are to take.

Love. Life. Magic provides those steps making them fun, unique and specific to the individual. Creating your own little Safe Space for you to feel comfortable to open up and come back to your soul.  

How have your own experiences/journey shaped your approach to life and business?

I had it all, all “boxes” ticked but I would cry every day and not know why. I had climbed a ladder, was on a ladder but felt low, alone and lost. I had lost sight of myself and my soul. With a knowing there had to be more to this life than only this, I quit everything, left everyone and ventured into a journey of self-discovery and the pursuit of true, authentic, lasting HAPPINESS!
I had changed jobs, houses, destinations, MEN, and nothing was my complete. Nothing brought me home, but then YOGA! I was fortunate enough to travel India for 2 months and complete my Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India, the birth place of Yoga.

There I came back to my self, through the practice of yoga and completing all that we do with consistency and excellence I healed myself from the inside out. Happiness in this existence does not come externally, however we weren't taught how to be connected, we aren't given the tools to find the answers internally. If the tools are there, they aren't approachable and sometimes can be intimidating or feared as they are the unknown.

I recognised that the woman I saw one day, I wasn’t going to get there by doing what I was doing and had to change it all. It is through my journey, traveling the world solo for 2 years, taking two steps forward and five back, seeing myself through the eyes of others, that I learnt life’s lessons and stood the steps today for a better me tomorrow. To be more conscious about the choices I made in shaping the person who I choose to be. I wanted to take all that learning and knowledge to share it with others, helping other to do also what I had achieved and provide them with the tools to happiness and oneness.

Only when we shift our perspective can we begin to see the beauty all around us and truly LIVE and not EXIST in this life.

To LOVE the LIFE we lead, and feel the MAGIC.


What will you be bringing to Float Festival?

 Goody bags of love, encouragement and light. Little workshops to play forward with people. I will be bringing a prototype of my 12 week program, with the opportunity to sign up.

I will have a simple offering only really to promote the brand, myself and the services we offer.

Do you have a favourite product?

Flip the Switch. – The 12 week Best You Program.

It allows each individual to heal yourself from the inside out, in their own time and pace, in the comfort of their own home. Measuring your progress only against only YOU.  Seeing significant differences to the mind, body and soul. Shifting your relationships forever with your diet, your body, each other and yourself.

How does your work make people feel well?

There is so much to be said about self achievement. When you set out with a goal to do something good for you! Nothing feels better than that. What my programs do is they help you look after YOU!

Yoga is not what happens in the mat but what happens away from it, my courses, workshops and sessions help you take the steps to have gratitude everyday for the things you do.

What else will you want to check out at Float?

I’d love to check it all out!  Wish I wasn’t on the stand all day.
Healing workshops. The book workshops. And the inspire section all look pretty amazing!

You can grab your tickets for Float Festival here

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