GUEST POST: 5 Daily Self-Help Habits You Can Start Now

5 Daily Habits for better wellbeing brought to you by Mental Health Blogger Rachel Finch.


Living with mental illness is draining to say the least. If you’re on a path to helping yourself, whether that be with medication, therapy or natural remedies, this can be time consuming and expensive! Throughout my own journey I have created my own habits and routines that I now religiously do every day alongside taking medication. Here are 5 of my self-help habits I do without fail! These simple additions to my days, over time, has made huge differences to my mind, body and soul.

  • Compliments file: Make a note of all the nice things people say to you, no matter how big or small! Save them to read at a later date, maybe if your feeling down, alone or just need a reason to smile.
  • Mindful Routine: Give something you do on autopilot your complete attention. Putting on your socks, brushing your teeth, eating or even breathing! This will help you to be in the moment more. Helping those of you, if you’re like me, to deal with anxiety attacks better.
  • Unplug for 2 hours: Put everything onto airplane mode or even better turn them off all together! Give yourself a break from the constant emails and notifications.
  • Get intimate with yourself: Its hard but look at yourself naked in the mirror and pick out as many things that your love about your body! This will be hard to do, but its so important to pay attention to what you love about yourself and not just aspects of yourself you’re unhappy with.
  • Oxygenate: You’d be surprised to know that on average when we breath we don’t take in as much oxygen as we need! Check in with yourself for 10 minutes and breath deeply into your abdomen, let the air puff out your stomach and chest. Not only is this good for your core and body generally, its incredibly relaxing.

With a little more attention each day on yourself, the heavy clouds will start to lift. You’ll start to feel more connected to yourself and the world around you. Small things will seem so much more enjoyable, and nothing will seem as difficult as before!

Rach xx


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