Meet the Trader: Plant Shop Manchester


In a town not far from Manchester, a revolution of sorts in taking place. Stockport, a town situated a stones throw from the cosmopolitan hub of Manchester city centre has been quietly plugging away, slowly building up a new offering of stylish, independent shops, giving the former industrial town a new lease of life. The transformation of Lower Hillgate and the surrounding area of Stockport market has seen people flock to the town where independent retail is flourishing - Rare Mags, Where the Light Gets In and SK1 records are just a few on the newest ventures making a home in Stockport and we’re thrilled to have the Plant Shop Manchester joining us in the Float Goodness Market this Saturday. Inspired by her travels in Australia, Emma decided to bring to Manchester what she saw was vitally missing - more green. Taking a space in beautiful Stockport Old Town, what started with mini cacti bloomed into a prospering and exciting plant business. We caught up with Emma, founder and owner to find out why house plants are having a bit of a moment, why we could all do with a little more green in our lives and why walking her dog Herbie is her best daily ritual.

What is your business and why is it special?

Plant Shop Manchester started via a spontaneous, last minute trip to Melbourne, Australia in 2016. Inspired by the range of nurseries around the city, we decided to bring to Manchester what we thought it was missing – more green. What began as just 100 mini cacti outside an office has now bloomed into our brick and mortar store in the beautiful Stockport Old Town.. 

Why did you want to partner with Float?

Loved the idea, ethos, and message of the festival. What a lovely way to spend a Saturday… Good vibes, at Manchester’s first Wellness event. 

Can you describe The Plant Shop in three words?

Little green friends.

What does the term wellness mean to you?

Running a business is rewarding, but relentless. Wellness to me means, stopping / resting, making time for myself.

How does you business make people feel happy and well?

Plants make people happy….. our customers are so lovely, couldn’t do it without them. 


The sudden surge in popularity of house plants seemed to take place overnight, why do you think there has been a boost in sales and an increase in shops selling specifically plants?

Instagram is full of lovely spaces & habitats find with plants, which I think has a lot to do with the boom in plants becoming more of a  vocal point in people’s homes.

Do you have any favourite products?

My favourite plant at the moment is a Prayer Plant, and I never get tired of the smell of the PF Candles we stock, especially Sweet Grapefruit.

What made you want to establish your brand?

After 10 Years of working in the entertainment business, representing, touring and managing artists. Turning 40  felt like the right time to slow down travelling, and explore being me, also had a soft spot for Stockport, especially the Old Town, which is where my shop is now.

Do you have any daily rituals?

Ha. Walking my dog, Herbie…

 What does a typical day at the Plant Shop look like?

GOSH, that’s a hard one. No day is the same. Ordering plants, sourcing new gifts & brands , restocking the shop, serving customers, we have a co working space on the first floor, Organising the calendar for that  + hosting events. So much stuff….

Any pearls of wellness wisdom?

Choose Green.

You can grab your tickets for Float Festival here

Jenna Campbell