Only got two hands, Only got one brain.

People talk about things being easier to understand if you can see them. 

We won't go too deep into the age-old adage of the depression/broken leg conundrum as it's far too simplistic a narrative.

But in essence you call your boss with a broken leg, he/she gets it. He/she can see it, imagine it.

You call your boss with depression/anxiety/OCD/PTSD and they can't see it. They can't imagine it. They don't get it. 

You have to explain the problem, when really you should be tackling it. It adds another twist to the mental health maze. 


Same goes for the narrative:

"But I've only got two hands." 

People can kind of get their head around it. 

I physically can't carry three children if I only have two hands (parents/carers out there who have - we salute you).

You probably can't carry 10 wine glasses in two hands. (Saluting waiting staff). And you probably can't write and sew and cook at exactly the same time. 

But what about your brain?

You can't see it, so maybe we can keep piling things on it?

Jobs, tasks, obligations, work, holiday booking, present buying, cooking for the in-laws, hoovering, self-improving. 

But you only have one brain. 

We talk about self-care.

Care for your brain.

Just because you can't see it, you can feel it. 

So if you feel it, give your brain a break.

For a few ideas how, read on below my fellow brain-wielding sisters and brothers.  


Wednesday 25th July, 6pm £30
Pot Kettle Black, Deansgate

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Tune into the therapeutic remedy of tactile crafts and learn about the Hungarian art of Flow. 

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Daisy Barnes