Flying the Float Flag: Meet the Ambassadors - Chloe Wilkinson - Moved by Movement

“I think what I’m offering at float gives people a chance to both find their inner child but also work their brains in a different way and therefore achieve something completely different to say setting goals and targets.”

A professional wearing many hats, both individually and at times simultaneously, Chloe Wilkinson seamlessly intertwines her disciplines, from dance to yoga, through to movement psychotherapy, to form a tapestry of constant movement and flux.

As a classically trained professional dancer, certified yoga and pilates instructor, with a MA in Dance Movement Psychotherapy, Chloe’s varied and enriched career has led her to establish Moved by Movement - a service offering bespoke sessions that incorporate movement and wellbeing in an inclusive and empowering manner.

Working with individuals, organisations and schools, Moved by Movement, which offers an array of movement centred modalities from yoga to creative movement, through to dance and moments of stillness, works to incorporate greater movement in our day-today lives and increase physical and mental wellness, while creating an experience that builds confidence, awareness, and creativity in a fun and engaged space.

As someone who lives and breathes movement, flow and fun, we’re thrilled to have Chloe fly the Float flag as one of our Ambassadors and we’re even more pleased to share her story here on the Float Journal.

What is your company, what do you do and what makes it special?

My company Moved By Movement is an alternative wellbeing company. What makes what I do special is that although I teach creative dance, pilates and yoga I also come at it form a different many different perspectives having been both a trained classical dancer but also a registered movement psychotherapist as well.  I believe that we ourselves are the professionals of our own bodies therefore we all have the answers, we just may not be aware of that use yet. My aim is to support in people in finding those answers in a healthy mindful way while hopefully having some fun too.

Why did you want to be a part of Float?

I just love the idea of Float as it offers a taster of alternative classes in a beautiful safe environment. After finishing my dance career it took me a while to find my way with what I loved outside of dance but I always knew I loved being active.…. I’ve now found lots of alternative ways to keep both my mind and body fit and healthy.…. for me exercise is about enjoying things, connecting with others and being able to  switch off that mind chatter off for a short time while concentrating on yourself… as a lot of the time we forget about ourselves.

How do you think the wellness industry is evolving?

I feel as though the wellness industry has evolved at a ridiculous speed, social media platforms have no doubt helped this but it’s also good to remember that these can also not always be what’s best for us so it’s important to try and strike a balance.

What do you think people will take away from attending Yolk?

I like to think that people may find new and interesting ways of using both their body and mind while growing more awareness in what supports them in helping them float.

How does your work help people to feel good?

I think what I’m offering at float gives people a chance to both find their inner child but also work their brains in a different way and therefore achieve something completely different to say setting goals and targets...

What comes to mind when you hear the word wellness?

Wellness is about mind, body and soul… I don’t see them as separate entities and I definitely don’t see one as being more important than the other. Finding the balance and being present is the key for me. If I can’t manage to find a whole hour out of my day to train, just taking a 10 minute stroll and using all my senses supports me in having a great day. I try to notice what’s going on around me at that time, the sounds, the smells, and I try to say hello to at least 3 people and see their face light up…. That is just the best feeling.

In your opinion, how does movement and wellness relate to one another?

Movement and wellness go hand in hand, without one how may you have the other. It’s about a total integration, a marrying of the two should we say so it's important for my wellbeing that all three are integrated, both during a session but more importantly once I’m out of the session and in everyday life.

Do you think brands, businesses and influencers have a role to play in promoting wellness?

Yes I do, a huge role…. I still see so much about “how, to look like this, how to lose weight, how to burn a certain amount of calories in a certain amount of time etc.” and I’m like how does this help support a great body and mind as it’s all to do with reaching a target or comparison. Don’t get me wrong I think goals are great but I also don’t think anyone should beat themselves up for having a pizza or a glass of fizz every so often. Life is about balance and I feel companies can promote that by being more real.

What does happy look like to you?

Oooooh, happiness to me is feeling comfortable in my own skin, whether that be when I’m at home spending time in my own company or connecting with others. It’s taken a lot of work for me to get to that point as I was very much a perfectionist but I really feel I’m there or at least close to being there… but it’s always good to keep that in check every so often and not fall back into bad habits.

What does success look like to you?

Success to me is a sense that I’m proud of what I’m offering and putting out there to the world…. When I feel a niggle in my tummy, I know I have to question that and really ask myself what do I need.

What one thing makes you feel well and content?

Being connected and surrounded by good, like minded people in my life. It's so important for my health and wellbeing. Being surrounded by people who support and uplift me as well as who help me through the more challenging times. These people I adore, respect and hugely value. They’re my tribe.

What pearls of wellness wisdom can you share with us?

Do your best not to compare yourself to others…. It’s so difficult in this day and age and half the time you don’t even realise you’re doing it… or I didn’t any way. We are all individual and we need to celebrate it, not try to become like everyone else. Trust your instincts and listen to your gut…. It takes time but I believe it's the biggest clue to finding answers….

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Jenna Campbell