Meet the Trader: Mio Skincare


Float Festival is now only a matter of days away and as we make the final preparations for Manchester’s first wellness festival, we’re putting a focus on our Goodness Market, a space for the best brands and businesses to show and tell their wares. From Supernova protein, to Love + Labour wines, to Plant Shop Manchester, we’ve got it all, a place to take a break from all the action and indulge the spender within. Today we’re sharing the story of Mio, the skincare brand whose main aim is to help you achieve fit skin for life. With a fundamental understanding of the pressures of modern day life and how this affects our sense of wellbeing, Mio embodies an ethos that puts you first, allowing you to prioritise self-care and self-worth. We caught up with them to find out how their products cater to the needs of active people, why wellbeing is key to their philosophy and why you need to check out their latest collection.

What is your company, what do you do, and what makes it special?

Through targeted, facial quality bodycare, Mio aims to give customers strong, radiant and nourished skin.

Utilising powerful natural and organic ingredients, Mio focuses on optimising skin health through its expertly formulated, highly efficacious product range.

Why did you want to partner with Float?

Float’s ethos of promoting overall wellness amongst its following very much aligns with the Mio philosophy.

Mio recognises that the pressures of modern day life are only continuing to mount, and as such it’s super easy to prioritise things like work and social commitments over our own wellbeing. This means that people are neglecting both their physical and mental health, leading to them burning out far sooner than they should!

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As a brand, Mio loves Float’s dedication to changing this through collaborative workshops, classes and conversations, bringing the focus back to self-care and self-worth.

How is Mio different from other skincare/beauty brands on the market?

Mio Skincare was founded in 2014 by four female friends. With 10 years of success in the skincare industry already behind them, the ladies were struck by the lack of products available which catered to the needs of the active woman.

With public yearning for wellbeing and mindfulness at an all-time high, the women endeavoured to create a brand which met the ever-growing demand for fitness skincare. Thus Mio was born and has since been recognised by beauty editors across the globe for the efficacy of its product range.

What is the ethos behind Mio?

Mio endeavours to instil confidence in its customers, aiming to empower them by giving them skin that glows with health and vitality, no matter what their age or stage of life.

With the fast paced nature of modern day life, we know how easy it can be to neglect self-care, but we at Mio believe that dedicating even just 5 minutes a day to a skincare routine can not only help you look great, but feel better too!

What does wellness mean to Mio?

At Mio we believe that wellness is personal, unique to the individual. For some, wellness may be hitting the gym 5 times a week, for others it may be daily meditation. Ultimately we believe it comes back to recognising what your mind and body need in order for you to feel happy and fulfilled in your everyday life.

Do you think brands/influencers/businesses have a responsibility/or a role to play in promoting wellness? 

Each brand or business has a different role to play in the promotion and pursuit of wellness, and how they do it is unique to their individual values. Brand’s like Mio, which have this as a core brand value and have a wellness focused consumer base, have a greater responsibility to do so, however it’s definitely great to see so many more businesses, influencers and brands starting to adopt it into their communications.

How does Mio make people feel happy and well?

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Sore muscles from too much exercise? Workout Wonder will help soothe and repair. Feeling overwhelmed and stressed? The Liquid Yoga range will help instantly calm you and give you a moment to reflect. Looking to firm and tighten specific areas of your body? The Firming Faves range will help you achieve this.

Whether starting your day, exercising at the gym or simply relaxing at home, Mio Skincare’s products will support you; helping strengthen, revitalise and hydrate your skin throughout its daily lifecycle.

What products will you be bringing down on the day?

We’ll be bringing a variety of products, showcasing all of our different ranges. Here’s a little bit of info on each:

The Mio Body Brush – This is a real cult product and probably what Mio is most famed for. This little brush has a wide array of benefits, including exfoliation, detoxification, stimulation of circulation and helping to reduce cellulite. Skin will instantly look and feel smoother, brighter and more even.

Get Waisted -  This powerful sculpting cream helps you to tone, tighten and sculpt your waist. Promoting natural fat burning by increasing the energy within your skin, it helps to eliminate puffiness. By improving the appearance and elasticity of the skin on your stomach, it will help it become more taught, smooth and firm.

Liquid Yoga Bath Soak – Relax and calm your busy mind, ease hard-working muscles and restore your body with this dream-inducing blend of essential oils, mineral salts and herbs. One long, warm soak in Liquid Yoga and you’ll feel instantly relaxed, soothed and rejuvenated.

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Future Proof Body Butter – This is an incredibly rich body butter which delivers deep hydration to skin through its blend of essential oils and natural ingredients. With Organic Almond, Argan and Olive Fruit Oil, as well as Hyaluronic Acid and Shea Butter, skin will feel soft, hydrated and smooth for a full 24 hours.

Workout Wonder - Thanks to its crafted blend of essential oils, our Workout Wonder range helps energise, restore and revitalise your tired muscles, meaning that your body will be ready to work, even when you think it’s not.  

What rituals do the Mio team practice to feel energized?

We love to spritz Liquid Yoga Space Spray in the office whenever we’re feeling stressed. It’s soothing scents of Lavender, Mint and Lemon instantly calm and refocus our energies when we’re in need of it!

Any pearls of wellness wisdom?

The only advice we have is find something that makes you feel calm, fulfilled and happy. Whether it’s going for a walk, having one less coffee a day or spending 10 minutes in the morning on some self-care, take the time for yourself and get to know what it is that works for you personally!

You can grab your tickets for Float Festival here

Jenna Campbell