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What’s your favourite tipple? No wait don’t answer that, because whatever it is, we guarantee that it simply won’t come close to the quality of Love + Labour Wines. Real wine from real winemakers, this no nonsense brand who’s only secret is the finest quality is grapes and a whole lot of love, will be joining us at Float and we can’t wait. We caught up with founders Katie and James to find out about Manchester’s city centre’s first all low-intervention wine retailer, what makes their wines the real deal and how they find time for themselves in their very busy schedules.

What  is your company, what do you do, and what makes is special?

We are love + Labour we buy wines from small batch winemakers, whose passion for their wine comes first. We focus on wines that have been left in their purest form and still made to their best of their ability. Low intervention wines with no added chemicals.

Why did you want to partner with Float?

We think balance and wellness is lost in this busy world and would love to promote the fun side of the wellness, life should be all about balance and we think great food and wine play a part in that.

How is Love and Labour different from other brands?

We are by no means a new brand, people have been buying and selling wines made with this ethos for a long time, however we couldn’t find much of it in the north west when we moved here and we found that overall it was still quite intimidating and inaccessible to everyone. We want to make wine fun again open the conversation to all.

What is the ethos of Love and Labour?

To buy wine made with integrity and passion and bring it directly to people with that same love. To buy wine that brings us back to basics before it become over complicated with unnecessary chemicals and additives.

Katie and James - Love + Labour

Katie and James - Love + Labour

What is wellness to you?

Peace of mind. Balance in all aspects of your life and the acceptance of bad days with good days. Finding somewhere quiet in a hectic world.

As a family run business, how do you make sure to make time for yourselves and prioritise your own wellbeing?

We have had to work really hard to balance being a couple and a business. It is not always easy. Long walks without our phones help, and setting aside time to work and time to play. It doesn’t always go to plan, but communication is vital and we are getting there.

Why is this so important to you/how do you go about supporting other businesses?

We care so much about where our food comes from, we hear all the time about ethical farming and fair trade farming. Yet we don’t talk about who makes our wine, potentially because it’s alcohol people feel its somehow bad anyway so it doesn’t matter. This is so far from real wine, this wine is a livelihood and a natural product and should be celebrated and supported.

Do you have a favourite product in the range?


We love the Vinnaturo bags that we stock, they are ethically packaged which adds a whole new level to our product and they last 6 weeks once open! (Not that anyone could leave the wine for 6 weeks, as it’s delicious).

What's in the pipeline for Love and Labour in the next few months?

UK wide shipping from our shop is our next plan and to find and buy more wines that people can’t get their hands on easily. We’ve got lots happening over autumn and winter with supper clubs and events including IMBC and Christmas Maker’s Markets.

Any suggestions for how people can pair your products with other foods?

Our wines are great with food because they often offer more complex flavours due to the lack of artificial flavours present. We’re always happy to help if someone wants to ask us what they should have with their wine or if they want wine to pair with their food. We are always eager to chat via Instagram.

You can grab your tickets for Float Festival here

Jenna Campbell