Meet the Trader: Leafy Creams Bakery

Hannah, Founder of Leafy Creams - a Wigan based vegan bakery sure knows a thing or two about making delicious and beautiful bakes. Never one to compromise on flavour, texture or taste, she is a connoisseur of delicious baked goods that look and taste amazing. A truly therapeutic and cathartic process, Hannah like many others loves the creative aspect of baking, a place for her passion and enthusiasm to shine through, where the only outcome is making people feel happy and well - a message we’re totally on board with. We spoke with Hannah to find out why she wants to dispel the myth around diet culture, what she gets up to when she’s not baking and asked her for a sample of some of her favourite bakes in preparation for her stand at Float Festival this weekend.

What is your company, what do you do, and what makes is special?

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My company is Leafy Creams, a vegan bakery based in Wigan, Greater Manchester. I specialise in layer celebration cakes and brownies. I make all other sorts of cakes but those are the ones I enjoy to make the most. Everything I make is plant based, no animal products at all. I love to go overboard with my flavours, for example my triple layer cookie dough and chocolate sponge cake, and my thick, rich salted caramel brownies that have both made appearances at some recent vegan festivals. I like food to look like food and taste like food, I personally hate covering cakes in sugary, sweet fondant. I prefer flavoured buttercream, it just makes more sense to me and fits in perfectly with my style.

Why did you want to be a part of Float?

I was approached by Daisy (Float Co-founder) in the comments section of a post I made in an women’s business Facebook group we are both in (shout out to The Coven) and she said our companies suited each other. I did a bit more research into Float and when I first saw the word “wellness” I was a bit sceptical, as we are not about clean eating and detoxes in any way, but then I saw that our companies’ ethos aligned. It was very refreshing to see Float’s message. I’m so passionate about body-positivity, and I wanted to get on-board and help support a positive cause that I could fully get behind.

How is Leafy Creams different from other vegan baked goods on the market?

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What makes us different is that the products we sell, the textures, the tastes, the look of all my bakes have no compromise. I want to dispel the myth that vegan cakes are bland and dry and show that actually, my cakes can look and taste amazing at the same time. I also think our approach with our body positivity message is unique, I see a lot of bakeries describe their rocky-road as “guilty” and their cake as “worth the calories”. It’s very unhealthy mentally and I want to steer clear of encouraging that message.

Can you describe LC in three words. 

Wholesome, compassionate, aware.

What is wellness to you?

Wellness to me is taking whatever situation you are in and making the best out of it. Allowing yourself to not be okay I feel is the first step. Wellness isn’t just about yoga and cleanses, it’s about being kind to yourself in any way, however big or small, like taking a day off, booking a doctors appointment or cutting problematic people out your life.

Do you find baking is good for overall wellbeing?

As a person that was recently diagnosed with Autism I have realised that baking has always been something I could pour all my passion and energy into, it helps me relax, gives me motivation, and gives me the opportunity to be rational in a confusing world but also to be creative and to make art. To be able to have the chance to create a business that will be my career is so exciting, I will be able to thrive in a world where before I was worried I could only hope to manage.


How do you products make people feel well and happy?

The first main reason that my cakes exist is to make people happy. During that time someone eats one of my cakes they don’t have to think about anything but how tasty it is. The second is validation, they can eat cake and not feel bad about it, revolutionary! But seriously diet culture is the worst and my cakes and my brand definitely rebel against it.

Do you have a favourite product or bake?

My favourite cake to make would have to be anything that involves a cool theme where I can make little sugarcraft models. I recently did a beach themed one for a festival and it was such a joy seeing all the little details come together, I think I’d love to do a wedding cake like that. Also I have to give a special shout-out to anything really rich, like a layer cake but the sponge is made out of brownie, lashings of caramel sauce, cookie dough frosting, I’d love to make something like that.

How do you like to relax  when you're not at work?

I love nature and will go out for picnics in the woods with my dog and partner. Doing mundane things that don’t require my brain to be switched on, like play video games, watch Coronation Street and golden era episodes of The Simpsons.

Any favourite quotes about looking after yourself or pearls of wellness of wisdom?

A very well known one, but really resonates with me, “Do no harm, take no shit.” 

You can grab your tickets for Float Festival here

Jenna Campbell