What’s your Float Tribe?

“Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family: Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one.” — Jane Howard

We’re often told in life to find our tribe, a place where we belong, where we can connect with like-minded people, work and play in harmony; a space for our passions to run wild and free.


With a staggering 7.4 billion people wandering this earth, each unique and wonderful in their own way, there's a pretty good chance that you’ll cross paths with many a kindred soul, someone on your wavelength who shares your love of Mongolian Throat Chanting, French Noir Films, or like you, loves nothing better than engaging in the high stakes of roller derby tournaments.

Whatever your love, labour, or vice, there’s a tribe for you and here at Float we want to help you find your fit. Whether you’re a creative type, a worldly thinker, the high energy one, or you’re just in need of a little R & R, we’ve got your back and a whole host of workshops, panels, freebies and even flash mobs for each and everyone one of you.


Are you Creative?

You’re never happier than when you’re using your hands to create your latest masterpiece, full of ideas, but never knowing where to start first. You’re a fully fledged creative who loves nothing more than getting stuck into some good old nostalgic play. Perhaps you just miss the days when you could whittle away the hours getting messy with your tools, capturing beautiful imagery on your easel, taking your position at the potter's wheel, or getting yourself in a stitch with your handmade knits. Lucky for you, Float is all about getting creative, stepping outside your comfort zone and learning some new tricks. How about giving our whimsical clay workshop with the wonderful Momu studio a go, or engaging in some pillow talk with Covet Interiors embroidery workshop? Love nothing more than creating something bespoke, get crafty with On the Brink Studio’s pendant making workshop or put pen to paper and learn the art of calligraphy with Joyce Lee - that’s your Christmas cards done and dusted. Before you go, make sure to take a seat at our Care Conundrum panel and learn how taking time for yourself and taking steps to engage in small acts of kindness can positively impact your wellbeing and opinion of yourself.


Are you Pensive?

All the deep thinkers out there, we’re talking to you. Always lost in thought or putting the world to rights, you love nothing more than having your opinions challenged and letting your mind run wild. You’re not necessarily the loudest or most vocal, but you’re always listening, soaking in every detail, taking everything in your stride as you try to decipher this weird and wonderful world. Our restore and engage rooms are where we think you’ll feel most at home, whether you’re listening to Bridget Leonard’s life navigation book reading, or taking tips from our warrior goddess workshop with Babs Ofori Acquah, you’re sure to meet some great minds, as you come together to debate the most thought provoking sessions. Make sure you also check out our Making the Matriarchy panel: Girl Gang Bang, join the conversation on female empowerment and meet some totally inspiring people that are changing the narrative each and every day.

Are you Active?


We all have that one friend, the one racing through life at 100mph, high energy, unwavering motivation, constantly on the move. You’re fun loving, living your best life and looking for something bigger and better to get your heart pumping and pulse racing. We know plenty of movers and shakers, so how about Tropical Beats Reggae Yoga with Cariad, or Flowetic with Fiona - the perfect blend of fitness and fun guaranteed to make you feel like a fully-fledged dancer. Looking to take it up at notch, drop in to one our PT sessions with Vicki Mellard or get strength training with Sam Says. Later, get yourself to one of our all star panels, we recommend ‘Backflips in the Boardroom: Can Work be Fun’, which will consider workplace culture and the strategies for injecting some energy and life back in the office. Make sure you refuel though, with one of our smoothie bowls from Well Bar Bowl - nourishing and delicious, keeping all of you active folk fighting fit.


Are you Exhausted?

Now, we’ve all been a member of this tribe at some point, in fact, some of you will be lifetime subscription holders, you’ve got the mug, the t-shirt, the the dark circles - a modern day battle wound, proof of your hard work and utterly chock a block life. Mums and Dads we know this will resonate with you and in truth you really are our superheroes, so we think it’s about time you time you took some time for you to recharge and take a break from your parenting duties. Can’t find childcare, totally understable, we have just the ticket. Our Parent and Child ticket = four hour of total bliss. From mindfulness for kids with The Sea Within, to dance and movement class for grown-ups and our Leaving the 9-5 panel: how to make flexible working work for you, we’ve got you covered. Flying solo, the possibilities are endless, how about Sound Healing with Future Vibrations or candlelit mediation with Ashleigh Guthrie? Hey, go crazy, cash in on our free massages and reflexology, cover yourself in glitter and get experimental with our boob printing workshop, because you are 100% worth it. No kids, just completely knackered, don’t worry we haven’t forgotten about you, breathe and let go with Stuart from Breathpod and leave all the weeks woes at the door, it’s time to relax and recharge.

Whatever your tribe, we’re certain that Float Festival will be the place for kindred spirits to collide, where people will connect and bond over shared experiences, where you’ll step outside your comfort zone and give something a go. Whether you’re creative, pensive, active, or just simply exhausted, we’ve got your back, a day for the dreamers, the thinkers, the fun lovers and the sleep warriors; join us at Float and find your tribe.

Tickets for Float are available here.

Daisy Barnes