Meet The Trader: Asuno Activewear

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Not many clothing brands can claim that their apparel helps alleviate hunger, provides safe clean water and can give an unknown child a birth certificate and identity. ASUNO, a Manchester based fitness and yoga clothing brand, who will be exhibiting their wares at Float Festival this September, are doing just that. A activewear range with style and proven science behind it, the company donates 10% of the sale price of every item to its chosen charities, based on what they see as a humans most basic fundamental rights - water, food and identity. Enabling consumers to shop and see the tangible impacts of their purchase, ASUNO is not only stylish, but ethical in their practices, incorporating a visible charity element into their work. We chatted with Ben Moreland, the main man behind the newly launched brand to find out the mantra of ASUNO, why their charitable message sets them apart and why wellness and community are central to his cause.

What is your company, what do you do, and what makes it special?

ASUNO, is a Manchester-based fitness and yoga clothing brand passionate about making an impact on the world. Our team design beautiful, premium quality, functional fitness clothing that saves lives. Launched in July 2018, our mission is to bring charitable actions to everyday life by allowing consumers to help the world with every purchase.

Why did you want to partner with Float?

The Float festival and movement encompasses wellness within yourself but also within the world around, bringing together like-minded people from varying walks of life, and aligns completely with our mantra here at Asuno. It’s amazing to join other communities which share the common goal of bringing the world together. Creating an atmosphere where people look towards themselves, yet not for how they can individually improve, but how they can improve as a whole with others around them.

How is Asuno different from other active-wear brands on the market?

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Each clothing item in the Asuno range combines consciously chosen, premium quality materials partnered with elegant British design to ensure our consumers are performing and feeling their best whilst they workout. Yet more importantly, Asuno is unique due to its integration of charitable actions with every purchase, through collaborations with our three UK charity partners, Plump’d, Water For Africa and Toybox, purchases of our activewear can help to alleviate hunger, provide safe clean water and give an unknown child a birth certificate and identity.

What is the ethos of Asuno?

It is our aim at Asuno to help people become the best person they can be, not just the best athlete or yogi. From the conception of the brand our first step was to find our charity partners… the whole brand has then been built up from there – that ethos is entwined into the foundations of Asuno. Even the name, a combination of English and Spanish: “as” “uno” meaning “as one” encapsulates our mission of bring the world together – a community of yogis and fitness enthusiasts helping those in need by purely doing what they love to do.

What drove you to create the brand?

My passion for wellness and our planet. Seeing the already tangible link between fitness and charity, through marathons, triathlons and other events, I was surprised to see that there were no opportunities to support these great causes on a daily basis within the fitness community. I’ve also witnessed the growth of social media and the fitness boom, and it’s sad to say it has in some ways become quite a selfish affair. We’ve forgotten what fitness and wellness is truly about, looking good, feeling good and doing good. Asuno exists to try and recall the industry back to the best version of ourselves.

How do you find balance in life?

Balance in life comes from exactly that… balance. An overburden of anything disrupts us and can throw our lives off their axis. Finding the correct balance in work, wellness and happiness is what everyone should strive for. The most important aspect of my life in particular is finding time to relax and enjoy those activities I am truly passionate about. The beginning of a brand is a hectic time, so taking time out to do yoga in the evenings, or getting up early and going for a run as the sun is rising gives me that physical and mental release needed to stay balanced during a busy time in life.

What is wellness to you?

Wellness is the combination of all elements in life working in harmony, it doesn’t attain to just one attribute, it is the collective of many, coming together creating a state of satisfaction. We work, do yoga, work out, eat well, and rest to feel our best each day, and all are interlinked - yoga helps flexibility during working out, and clears the mind for productivity at work, while eating well keeps us feeling good and provides energy to keep us going. As we mentioned before complete wellness is about attaining a healthy balance in life.  

How does Asuno make people feel well and happy?

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Asuno empowers you to help someone in need while you do what you love, giving you the option to choose activewear that not only looks and preforms great, but has the ability to help save another person’s life. You choose which charity you wish to support and can stay safe in the knowledge that the action linked to your purchase will be carried out by our charity partners.

Do you have a favourite product?

We love our Embrace collection, the 4-way stretch composite material is so comfy, and super-soft. We’ve had feedback saying they feel like you’re not wearing anything… we recommend you double check they are on before leaving the house if you get this feeling! They are also great as an all-rounder… and will keep up with both your gym and yoga practice, even the really sweaty ones!

Keep an eye out though, as we have a gorgeous yoga set releasing early October that is set to be a game-changer.

What makes you feel happy and well?

Pursing my passions in life, and striving to be the best person I can be. When I achieve something new that has expanded my passion, there is no better feeling. It’s different for every single person, and that uniqueness makes the world the interesting place it is. Wouldn’t it be boring if we were all the same…?

Give me a challenge, a mountain to climb, or a new skill to master and I’m in my element, and there’s no better feeling than achieving something that before was not possible.

Fancy coming on down to Float, grab your ticket here.

Daisy Barnes