About the Founders

Hi Floaties! Daisy and Laura here.


First up, mega thanks for being on our site. We are hugely excited about the Float Festival adventure and can't wait to have you along for the ride. 

We first met around a year ago in a co-work space in Manchester. Immediately bonding over dogs and honest wellness, it wasn't long before the idea of Manchester's first wellness festival came to the table (give or take 20 minutes). Frustrated with the exclusive - and often intimidating wellness culture we seem to find ourselves in, we wanted to create a new sphere for wellness. One that helped you actually feel - well, you know - well. Not punishable by stoning if you cross paths with a carbohydrate and/or non plant based item, or have an aversion to the gym. 

Fast forward a number of brainstorming sessions over wine, coffee and more wine and we have a name, awesome partners and some kick-ass branding by Designed by Duo. 

When she's not doing all things Float, Laura is working on her wellness business, The Vibrancy Hub. The Vibrancy Hub is a collective of wellness experts who can offer solutions to help you to thrive across all aspects of life! If you need nutritional advice, career coaching, stress management solutions or tools to build a resilient mindset - they have your back! Laura and her team are also passionate about creating a healthier and happier workforce and have built creative workplace wellness packages which result in enhanced colleague engagement, improved productivity and a vibrant high performance culture for the business. And they insist on having a shed load of fun along the way!

Daisy is Co-Founder/Creative Director of creative agency Yolk, and mental wealth magazine, Yolklore. Enamoured with ideas and all things creative, Daisy comes to Float with the ambition to link up creativity and mental health. Exploring, thinking, creating, devouring, making, reading, writing, idea inventing are all the most fantastic routes to positive mental health and are often free - and quite literally all around us. Yolk and Yolklore's programmes create better things to read, see, experience and do UK-wide and aim to bring a sprinkle of surprise and delight to every body's every day. 

We are hosting our first Float lead up event on 13th June at This Is The Space, Quay Street Manchester. We would so love to meet you there. 

For tickets, click here.  

Daisy Barnes